Bohemian style

Dull hair, leather details and vintage lace are elements characteristics in the unpretentious bohemian style, a style which was created in order to express the individuality of each person against rules and necessities. In the field of design, it is a very intense trend that includes elements eccentric and all of them in artistic mood. Bohemian Design has a diffuse theatricality that embraces each person’s intense personality through art, color and, above all, unconventionality.

After all, Bohemian are dynamic, independent people who are not influenced by the views of others. They choose their own trends and life’s attitudes, follow their own dreams. Imagine now how important is the incorporation of the bohemian style into the most personal space of your home: your bedroom.

If you are a fan of the bohemian look, you can only draw inspiration from the suggestions that follow you and create the most unconventional area.

# 1 be inspired by real Bohemians

Frida Kahlo, Vivienne Westwood, Leonard Cohen, Margaret Olley … Just immerse yourself in the history of Bohemian Style, through creative people who made it a way of life. Get to know them better, get inspired by them and, if possible, give them a place in your bedroom.

# 2 enrich your bedroom with art

An empty wall is capable of crushing all the philosophy of the bohemian. For bohemian people, the walls have one and only function: to host art. You can be inspired by artists, musicians, painters, writers, designers, but also by your own needs, creating a stunning collage of images, lyrics, notes, photos, unfolding the most beautiful story from All: yours.

# 3 do not be afraid of color

No color combination is wrong. For the bohemian style, color is the main source of expression. So leave yourself free and make your personal oasis.

# 4 Dare Different Textures

An impersonal room can be transformed into an area with a strong personality if you create a dynamic contrast. Combine different textures, such as brushed cooper details and vintage lace, and give your space the strong, personal touch that characterizes you.

# 5 Turn your bedroom into a place of creativity and inspiration

A special artistic activity or a hobby you love [books, handicrafts, a diy reusable chair or a corner to paint] singularly points to your artistic nature.

# 6 focus on the bed

Imagine your bed like a work of art on its own. The vivid color shades, the warm texture of a carpet, the many pillows and the wooden details are the secret ingredient of a welcoming space.

# 7 Soft lighting

A genuine bohemian bedroom is always characterized by the gentle lighting. Lanterns, candles and antique table lamps diffuse the light into space and give the feeling of warmth.

# 8 opposites are attracted

The total impulsiveness that the bohemian atmosphere exudes in a space cannot in any way accept the symmetry or the placement of objects in pairs. In this sense, you do not have to match your identical bedside table to the left and right of the bed. Love each individual item and highlight it. Besides, vintage treasures are unique, do not come in pairs.

# 9 Let the furniture tell their own story

An antique, a bed of solid wood, hand-painted, or even reusable items have their own, unique story to tell. Handmade items always add a unique character to your bedroom.

# 10 Show off your bohemian collections

Think creatively, add color and find unusual ways to display your favorite items. The bohemian trend is an essential attitude of life. In this way, your renovated bedroom is the perfect place to accommodate all your bohemian accessories, such as collections, wooden dolls, hats, scarves, fabrics and jewelry that mark your personal style.

Bohemian philosophy is summarized in the following phrase: Life is beautiful. I accept every person as it is. I am free. In the same way, we are all unique. There will never be anyone else like you. And never, a bedroom will be as special as yours.