Garage Door Maintenance

One of the least maintained things of the house are the garage doors. But, they also need some attention after some time. You should invest a couple of hours to make sure everything is working correctly and to lubricate if it makes noise. As the time pasts, if you don’t take good care of, it will rust faster and opener can get stuck more easily.

For most of the things you don’t have to call professionals for help, you can just read some garage door maintenance tips online. Safety is always in the first place, so if you notice something wrong with opener or the door gets stuck easily, you should call someone experienced. Depending on the type of the door there is more or less maintenance to do.

Inspect for damage

Before doing any maintenance or improvements, you need to check if everything is working correctly or there isn’t any damage. Also, the garage door should be clean before placing the lubricant. Check if the rollers are working well and are the cables working properly.

When everything is in great shape you can proceed with maintaining it. If there is damage, depending on how big is it you can call a garage door repair company for help. There is no point cleaning it because there is going to be a mess made when they are fixing it.

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Lubrication and maintenance

For maintenance, you don’t need to call a company and spend money because it is easy to be done by a single person. You can save money and just buy the necessary things needed for it like a lubricant, a wrench, and some scrap cardboard. There are two primary objectives, the first is to lubricate all the moving parts and the second objective is to make sure all parts are functioning as they should be.

You should first start by releasing the garage from the opener and checking are all the hinges tight. They are usually mounted with bolts or lag screws which you don’t really have to torque them down, you just want to go through and check each. If you can turn it a little bit, go ahead and do it, but don’t apply a lot of force.

Next you should lubricate and you can choose any lubricant that is recommended online, they can all do the job well. You want to lubricate the hinges which include the roller pin and possibly the roller bearings. Do the outside of them as well as the inside. You can open and close the garage door few times, so the lubricant will spread out.

The next step is to take care of the springs. There is a bearing on the inside you want to make sure you get. For the pulleys, you want to apply lubricant around it where the cable is going to go. To finish up things, you have to lubricate the rail. The top part of the rail is what the traveler is actually moves on. That is what needs the most lubrication. Read more on this page.

Reasons you need garage door maintenance

Injuries made by a garage door are a common thing when we compare it to similar things. Depending on the material they are made of, most of the doors are very heavy, so when some parts aren’t working as well, they can collapse on you or a family member. It can also damage property around it which usually happens to cars because we use it the most when parking a car. The most important part of it is the springs which have a lot of tension that can do a lot of damage when they snap.

Another reason why you should take good care of your garage door is finance. How good you maintain it is related to how long will it last. Also, you will avoid other expenses like paying for fixing some parts that get damaged because of the lack of maintenance.

Broken doors can make a lot of noise which can disturb everyone that is near it. It happens a lot that you need to go to someplace fast, and it takes your garage door two minutes to open. This is also a result of bad maintenance.