Great Gift Ideas for the DIY Lover in Your Life

When it comes to finding the right gift for somebody, the task is hard enough as it is without adding to the equation that the recipient loves nothing more than DIY tasks. And you, well, you love nothing more than watching TV and movies.

If this sounds like a familiar situation, below are some great gift ideas to get you out of a tight gift buying spot.

A Transforming Ladder

If you haven’t seen a transforming ladder then you haven’t seen the future of DIY tools. These ladders can transform into any number of shapes and variations to allow the user to safely reach a range of spaces and complete any type of DIY job up high.

The best place to pick up one of these is at your local hardware store. Before you start to worry, they will likely have a delivery service which you can take advantage of if you can’t fit the item in your car. However, being the type of ladder that it is, it can fold up quite small.

A Drill Combination Set

Of course, once they are up the ladder then they will definitely want to build something, and a drill is a perfect tool for the job. While they may already have a set which they bought last year, you can guarantee that the one you will look at in the store is the latest and greatest of this year and will be on your DIY lovers wish list.

If you aren’t in a position to purchase an entire drill, find out what type of drill they currently use and look for a combination set which they can use to replace their current drill bits and tips.

A Night Out

Just as you enjoy a night out to dance or party away the stress of work, so too does a DIY enthusiast love to let their hair down to relax after a weekend of work. The Groupon Coupons page for StubHub is a great place to find discount tickets to local gigs in your area. All you need to do is find out what type of music they enjoy listening to, plug the information into the site and choose the best result for the job!

Store Credit

Before you rush down to your local department store to pick up a gift card, this idea comes in the form of a credit at their local lumber yard. Many of these places will operate on a monthly credit basis, allowing tradespeople to take lumbar on consignment. If your DIY lover has such an account then consider topping it up for them and allowing them to choose whatever materials they want.

The great thing about this options is that you could unknowingly be helping to finish the final piece of a DIY project which they have been waiting to complete!

Buying the right gift for a DIY lover isn’t hard, it just takes the right tips and tricks, like the ones in this article.