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5 Ways Color Psychology Affects Branding Design

In order to brand your company well, choice of color matters a lot. It is necessary to study the psychology of various colors when planning the business. Engaging a branding expert may also be helpful in order to design your company according to the color psychology. You need to impact your business positively by use of the appropriate colors. Below, are merits of color psychology in designing your company’s brand.

In color psychology, different colors have various meanings. Nevertheless, a few colors have many meanings. An example is color green which means money but also nature.Red also has more than one meaning which is danger, and also passion. When choosing a color, therefore, you need to be sure of the message you want to pass across.When you decide on the message, choose the appropriate color for that message and stick to it.

In any business activity, it is always wise to give some thought to the competition in the industry. In matters of design, check what your competitors have accomplished so that you can design yours differently.Always ensure that you create a website and logo design that are unique from the competitors’. Additionally, choose different colors from your competitors.

Placement of colors matters a lot when it comes to conveying a certain message to customers. It is important to consider the contrast of two colors when put together.An example is when you choose to design your brand using the white color, you may find it necessary to put it on a background that is dull in order to make it look brighter and more saturated. This will assist the customers to get the message being conveyed about your products and services. ODA Creative showcase work from different branding experts that is incredibly gorgeous.

Additionally, in order to boost conversion rates for your business, colors can be useful. A good illustration of this is when the “Get Started Now” button of a company is changed from green to red, and its rates are boosted by 21{35174ec1f3913d0167ef06aa80332ab4fbba011e1effd25c70e183dc00f5e8a2} immediately.This is because red is a bold color and it has a great contrast compared to the other colors. The red color is also very striking to the eyes. A company will, therefore, enjoy boosted conversion rates if they use the red color which greatly affects peoples’ mindset.

On the other hand, colors are able to provide consistency in your brand. An example is using white color to represent cleanliness and green color to depict love for nature, in a food-related business. Such colors will be communicating to the customers.

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