This Super Strength Has A Green Roof Design

Applying the type of green roof design to the house will clearly provide a very interesting visual impact. For the best roof installation service, you can call the roofing Oshkosh.

Actually, not only that. Apparently, there are various superpowers that can be enjoyed by homeowners and people around if you use the roof. Here it is the full review.

Using Planting Media

Green roofs are generally designed horizontally as in modern minimalist homes today. This form is considered easier to make planting media from plants that will be allowed to develop.

This type of roof itself is actually divided into three types namely intensive, incentive, and also bio devisal. The thing that distinguishes the three is the type of planting media and plants that can develop on it.

Set Temperature

The planting media used on the green roof has a function to store water as plant nutrients. The water there also undergoes a process of circulation with the atmosphere so that it can have an effect on the surrounding temperature and function as a filter.

The more houses that apply, the cooler the housing area will be, especially in the middle of the summer heat. This is because the light absorbed by plants on the roof makes water favor rather than converting it to heat energy.

Purify the Air

Applying the concept of a green roof to the house can also help clear the air around. Quite a lot of plants outside the home that has a function as absorbing toxins and harmful contents in the air. There are also those who can convert these compounds into oxygen.

Other benefits

It turns out that using a green roof will make the home a natural environment that can attract the attention of animals. Birds, insects with melodious sounds, and butterflies will feel comfortable living in your house. A very interesting option not even if you live in urban areas?

Green Roof Care

Don’t worry about the maintenance of this type of green roof because it’s not too complicated to do. Note worthies are the types and plants that match the roof that has been made. In addition, create a barrier or area of ​​the road so that the roof garden is not trampled.

Interesting right? Hopefully, the design inspiration and explanation of the concept of the green roof can be useful for you all. Who knows, by applying this roof design, you can make your home more environmentally friendly.