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Merits Of Wood Flooring.

Currently, we have experienced growth in the field of building and houses construction where they have come up with many types of flooring for example wood flooring, carpets and use of tiles. Below here we are going to focus our attention on the use of wood to build houses floors which have turned to be very popular among many people and the wood that is used comes in different styles and colors and also it uses different species of timber mostly the hardwood timber.

A wood flooring has got many benefits as compared to the other types of flooring and one of the merit is that it is more long lasting as compared to a carpet as it can last for decades and it becomes good as the years go by. The fact is when you finish your house floor with high quality timber you do not need to replace it as the way a carpet is replaced frequently. A second benefit of using a wood flooring is that it is very easy to clean as compared to when you use a carpet because the use of a light vacuum cleaner or a simple brush is enough to keep your floor clean.

The number three importance of having a wood flooring is that it maintains a high level of hygiene as compared to carpets. The high hygienic standards are maintained as a result of the fact that a wooden floor do not offer a home to various parasites that releases harmful and allergic products that may harm allergic persons as when you use a carpet that harbors parasites.
Wood flooring is also known to increase the value of a house and in cases where you want to sell it, then it will attract a higher price from many willing buyers.

Another merit of a wood floor is that it do not release any unpleasant smells but it produces a nice smell that is inviting but for a carpet can hold bad smells produced by different animals. When a wooden flooring is damaged that is scratched a bit it is easily and cheaply sealed with a simple sand but for a carpet, you have to buy a new one which is costly.

A carpet or a tile is prone to change in color and becoming outdated but for a wooden floor, it’s good appearance is maintained as long as it lasts. Wood flooring seemed as a thing of the most wealthy in the past but nowadays, many manufacturers are able to produce them at a less cost and therefore they have made wood flooring to be affordable by even the low income earners.

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