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How To Age Your Whiskey

Most of the alcohol producing companies produces whiskey by using the fermentation procedures that gives out a pure drink. Mostly, corn is commonly used as the primary grain and is combined with barley or wheat to achieve a perfect drink at the end. The proofs that are needed for a perfect drink ranges from one hundred and ten to one hundred and forty. The percentages are vital because all pure ethyl alcohol have the same taste regardless of where it comes from. You will know the flavor of an alcoholic drink by considering the trace amounts that are responsible for the flavors.

There are many ways in which a producer can achieve the best flavor for the drink which includes multiple distillation and addition of flavors that comes from fruits or spices. One of the best methods to achieve the best taste for the whiskey is aging using the oak barrel. Many companies that produce whiskey from fruits and grains find it good to use the oak barrel to improve the taste of their whiskey. For the whiskey to have a perfect flavor, it is advisable to char the inner parts of the oak barrel when you are aging the whiskey.

Many production companies that create alcohol use an oak barrel in production of most of the whiskey. It is important to note that some of the unaged whiskey do have perfect taste before aging, but it is a requirement to go through the aging process mostly using the oak barrel. The corn whiskey is the only one that can be labeled as whiskey without undergoing the aging process. During the aging process inside the oak barrel, most of the whiskey gains pleasing flavors and colors. Most of the aging process takes a period of six years for the whiskey beverage to be mature. The liquor takes the flavors and sugars from the wood to improve its quality. Your beverage will have will have the woody flavors if you keep it for more than ten years inside the oak barrel. When the whiskey is packed in a well filled and sealed bottle, it will have its taste for many years.

It is important to note that while some companies are using the oak barrels only once in the production of whiskey, some of them do recycle the barrels and uses them until they cannot offer more flavors or taste to the whiskey. They usually buy the old bourbon barrels, sherry casks or other oak barrels that have been used to produce most of their whiskey beverages. It is important to note that the whiskey that is aged using the used oak barrel takes a longer period to mature, mostly over twenty-five years.

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