Tips for having hour house clean and tidy all the time

We all have this friend that every time we go to his home, everything is in the right place, everything shines and the rooms are totally clustered. If we could calculate the time it takes for a house to be in perfect condition, we would say that it takes at least 1 hour every day, and many hours on weekends.

However, many of us prefer to use this time away from their work in order to get some rest or to have some fun with their friends and family. What about the house cleaning? We all need to make a schedule in order to have our space clean and tidy.

We just need to follow the secrets of people whose house looks like brand new all the time.

Know the difference between neat and clean.

A house could be clean because the floor is clean, the furniture and the carpets have been thoroughly wiped, and the bathroom is shining. However, if there are clothes on one side of the bed, toys on the floor and piles of books and papers everywhere, the house will not look clean because it is not tidy. It doesn’t matter if we have a nordic design style (check on house that is considered fashionable of our friends. We can relax when everything around us is neat, even though it’s not totally clean. But we cannot relax for sure when everything around us looks messy.

Cleaning should be a daily habit.

People who have clean houses do not wait until their house is totally dirty. They have a daily routine to keep each room neat. This means putting the cushions on the couch in the right place, picking up all the magazines and books and putting them in the place they should be, and placing the toys in the box every night. As for the clothes, they need to be ironed and put in the closet after they are washed.

Clean when you are done

This can be a very useful habit. People, whose houses are totally clean, wash the dishes right after dinner, wipe the bathroom surfaces as soon as they finish their daily shower and gather everything that may have touched the floor after eating a snack. Keeping small surfaces relatively clean during the week days, they do not have to spend a lot of time on the weekend in order to have a massive cleaning of the house.

Bring fewer things back in home

It’s hard for a house to look untidy when the owners do not have many things. Instead of spending time organizing the things you already have in your house, you should be more careful not to collect useless things back in your place, so you do not have to organize them.

Use a drawer for all the useless things

No one is perfect and there will be a time when your place is going to look untidy. Use a secret drawer in order to place all the things that are found in your house and you do not use them a lot. If your things will not be used more than six months, it is sure that you do not need them, so you can get rid of them

These habits are easy, simple and it takes a little time to do them during the week. In fact, they save your time needed for cleaning at the end of the week. If you want to have a house that will look clean, start with just one of these secrets and incorporate it into your daily or weekly routine. On the following week add one more secret in the thing you do every day and by the end of the month you will realize the huge difference and you won’t want to leave your tidy and clean house.